Digital X-Ray Machine

Advantages of a Digital X-ray

  • Less exposure to radiations as compared to traditional X-ray
  • Digital X-rays are environment-friendly as they don't require developing
  • They can be viewed on a computer monitor within seconds of taking the image
  • They can be enhanced and enlarged for better diagnostics
  • They can be sent to other providers in an instant via email
  • They can be placed in your electronic patient file for immediate retrieval

List of X-rays done at Shree Krishna Diagnostics

  • KUB
  • PNS
  • HSG

How to prepare for a Digital X-ray?

  • Wear minimal jewellery as it will have to be removed during X-ray screening (metal and certain clothing can obscure the images)
  • Carry previous X-ray images and reports, if any
  • Overnight fasting and clean bowels required for lumbar spine X-ray to get a clear image

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