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Who should take this test?

Athletes and individuals who are looking to achieve a level of fitness beyond the regular demands of fitness need to determine if their body can take the kind of pressure they want to exert on it. A Stress Test is one way to determine this fitness and capability. The test can be conducted on a stationary cycle or a treadmill.

How is a Stress Test performed?

  • A Stress Test requires the patient to run on a treadmill or pedal on a stationary bike
  • During the Stress Test, a technician will put electrodes on the patient's chest to monitor the heart; these will be attached to an ECG machine which monitors heart activity. Blood pressure readings are recorded as well
  • First, the heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored at rest
  • The test will gradually increase in difficulty and the patient will continue to exercise until they feel exhausted

What does the Stress Test / Treadmill Stress Test tell you and your doctor?

  • The exercise capacity and the physical endurance that the heart can bear
  • Any signs of heart disease or of a weakened heart
  • The effectiveness of the ongoing heart-related therapy

How to prepare for a Stress Test

Though no real preparation is necessary, it is commonly suggested that the patient should avoid a morning walk on the day of the test, have a light breakfast, and wear loose clothes and sports shoes. Male patients should shave their chest before they come in.

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